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Lisa Davis Interiors is a Boston, MA based residential interior design firm.


Designer Lisa Davis thrives off a passion for beautiful things with an emphasis on comfort and ease of living. 


With a background in fashion/retail merchandising Lisa always loved working on displays and shop design, parlaying those skills into a thriving design business. Lisa expanded her knowledge by enrolling in the Interior Design Program at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Style: Lisa loves to mix old and new, smooth and textured and adores color and patterns used subtly and with balance.


Color: “There’s something miraculous when you look at a beautiful object in the natural world—a shell, a flower. Color is truly an individual experience”. When Lisa begins a new project, she starts with an in depth client interview to determine the color palette and style they envision for their home. It’s that personalized attention to detail and respect for her clients individuality that sets Lisa apart. At the end of the project, the results should reflect the clients own design vision.

Photo by: Cheryl Richards 

It’s all about you!

I have a passion for beautiful things, I love color and details. I also have a passion for comfort and creating beautiful spaces with an emphasis on ease of living. Form and Function, those two elements need to come together when designing a home that reflects the people who live there. The most effective way to achieve that end is to listen and learn from each client and establish a good connection thru understanding what their priorities and needs are. I am often asked by my clients, during the planning stages of a project, if what they envision it the “right” way to design the space. Truth is, the only person who can make that determination is them, my job is to interpret what it is they see, what their mind’s eye sees as perfection and make that happen. It’s a process, it takes time to layer in all the elements that will, in the end, come together and become a beautiful fresh new space that improves the lives of those that live there. It is so satisfying to hear from clients, after a project is completed, how happy their home makes them, and how now when they return from work, a trip away or just back from the grocery store, they are genuinely happy to be home.




Flat fee rates based on the scope of work ranging from single room color consultations to full home renovations and new construction.  Offering 1-2 hour in-home consultations throughout Boston Metro area for set fees. Please contact me for details.

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